Selasa, 29 Maret 2011

miracle in our life

you came last in this family
but go home first
too early

HE gives you to us
just like a miracle
a possibility through impossibility

mom got pregnant after
almost lost her womb

you came to us
in the middle of the night (i can still remember that moment)
your birth is a joy for us
we are happy for it
for seeing your smile
the one that we miss it so much now
after you passed away

you are the youngest in this family
we give you all the love that we have
you are the reason
you are only reason
why i do work hard
why i come home for

HE want you to come home
back to him
join the eternal journey
release you from all the pain and suffer
be happy there, brother

we try to realize that
no matter how hard we love you
HE loves you more than that
in many ways...sometimes we forget about it
because loosing you is so painfull to us

we have to accepted this condition
we have to let you go
you say good bye to us with a smile in your face
smile that i will never forget

your body may die
but your soul live forever in our heart

-ibu,papa,mbak tya-

in loving memoriam
helmi indrajit
25/02/87 - 11/03/11

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Lia mengatakan...

aku udah dua kali baca ini
sedih :(
dit, adekmu beruntung lahir dikeluarga ini.. beruntung.
tenang aja dit, helmi pasti bahagia disana, amin

aditya mengatakan...

makasih lia