Selasa, 03 Februari 2009

every line,every word,everything

it's time to go home, actually
but i postponed just for talking by messenger with my great sister
that will leave us soon prima retno ardhanie
she'll be moved to jakarta which is the city where his husband live in

so it's like a sad symphony when i realized that
one of my friend will leave me again
seems like they all will be gone
n someday i will be alone with no one accompany me

overreactive yakk...
but friend are everything to me
listening their word, talking outloud with them
hanging around, eating together
was a very enjoyable activity
i always miss that moment should i do

or maybe i just enter the phase where friend is only another part of life
not everything again
just a thing

yah..i feel it when accepted phone from my dearest friend
really really best friend
i remembered that feeling
a friendship,brotherhood, fellowship (or anything they name it) feeling
i know this feeling
so familiar with
but still
can not fullfill my heart

i always know that someday there will be someone or something
that gonna fill the hole in my heart
big hole named love
something inside of me screaming to God asking for that
& it can only enter by you

ya, you..kamu..ya ya the one who listening my scream
the one that i belong to

let's walk through the aisle ya..

you're every song
i sing a lot
coz you're my everything (too)

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