Senin, 01 September 2008

kali ini aq ingin jadi setan, Tuhan

Menu puasa pertama di tahun ini(pardon me to not directly answered it) :

Sayur buncis + mendoan

bikinan mbak surroh n memey (aq sih tinggal maem wae hehe)

Mmmm maaf Allah jika ramadhan kali ini pikiranku tercurah pada selain-Mu

Tapi seperti biasa aq ingin menikmati apapun yang kurasakan

Setidaknya aq tidak mempecundangi diriku sendiri

Aq berani bahagia maka aq juga harus berani bersedih


And this night still give me dark atmospher

And I don’t wanna be alone

To enjoying this suffer

If this is the rule of this game…I’ll follow it

At least all this ‘living thing’ are also sad tonight

Not only me, correct!


Enough ..for being surrender or …be the victim of this condition

it is not my fault at all;i don't have to sacrifice anything????no no no

This time I decided the rule….i wanna be an evil

Coz It all seems not fair to me

I just don’t care what will happened at the end

Coz it doesn,t matter at all again

Whatever lah…whatever will be…will be

3 komentar:

jalansetapak mengatakan...

if only mendoan can make you happy..
well.. let me be a mendoan..

Anonim mengatakan...

but u're living thing!!!!

it's different
mendoan doesn't have to choose their own destiny
but all human being has it,

at least be gentle
in what u feel
let me know

just to heal this pain

jalansetapak mengatakan...

pls stop crying.. i don't wanna hurt you..