Selasa, 16 September 2008


entering my new phase of life...
being al
one in the middle of nowhere
dimana semua orang terlihat sedang dan akan meninggalkanmu sendiri
hahaha actually i'm really missing u, my dearest friend
i am actually never ever ready for this condition, but who can ready?
not only alone but also lonely...join together become ALONELY

great composition to make you become weird person in your society

when there are a lot of people surrounding u but u feel alone and lonely


t one day i suddenly got something...
that book : the miraculous jorney of edward tulane
from my jelly drink(u just don't know what it means to me)

i got it when i really want it...just like u
i always believe that Allah knows what is the best things for me

and He will give it to me in a right time, just like u
when all this difficult situation, one problem is not finished yet, the other problem already came
really..really..hard situation
forced me to became tough person
but the fact is i'm not as that strong

and Allah just give me the answer...and it was u

i always need
a help, need a back up, need a shoulders to cry
need u...i can't opened my mask as a tough person to another guy except u


so i take that precious book next t
o my heart
that already belong to u
don't ever ask me wh
coz i also don't know the reason

and i always know u will never asking that

as yo
ur request to me to always beside u
that was my request to u too
just like what u say to me that it is the matter of 'verb'
i will try...understand n not complaining of what u really are
all of your ignore act...even i know u never mean to do that to me
i have to be patient..doing my destiny... doing the same effort like u,
u say that we're equal, right?

start from now i will never leave u...
no matter how hard it is

even if i always have another guys who always treat me better than u
honestly, it is difficult to me...
but i will learn
like edward learn

like what the 'a hundred years-old woman dolls' said...
'your life is useless when u never thought that u're deserved to be loved'

and the only way to be loved is start to loving
to always beside u, no matter how far we are

no matter how hard it is

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Pribadi Santun mengatakan...

Why do you always lie for your self?

I know you need me...
And you know I need you...

Mengapa tak kau katakan saja padaku?

Mengapa harus selalu berpura-pura tidak butuh?

Aditya Wulandari....?