Minggu, 27 April 2008

green green evriwhere

all mi fren since i'm still in high school already know that

i'm greeeeeeeeeeeeen mania

actually it's because my mother also love green

n i'm a piece lover

as we know that green is the colour that really describes peace, nature, tree...grass

all about nature...

in my house all that stuff are green

start with it's border (baca:pagar), 'genteng','tembok','gorden',sofa

till all the family's eyes...hehehe it's all green when meet money

feel comfortable with this colour

presenting the trully nature of all things

most of stuff in this world are green

n it's make us happy ...right when this world still green

green piece..green society...green day

ah i really love green

someone loves blue n i still love green

it doesn't related with my feeling to him

remembering when one day i met him

with all the green stuff, his bag, his clothes....his jacket

n i do with blue, my jackett, my dress, my veil, my bag

so opposite

we just influence each other

n i'm still loves green

don't care how much he loves blue

i will be green

don't care if that's the reason u finally leave me

i'm still gonna be green

no matter what happened

i'm green

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